Clinical trials

For all its medical, financial, legal and technological complexity, clinical trials have one primary objective: to lead to the registration of an effective and safe medication. 

We are with you from the creation of the research protocol to the release of the medication.

Investigators Brochure

Based on the Investigators Brochure, we will personalise the entire system and you will give the tools to the entire research team.

Quick and simple. 

Data from the patient

Using the Electronic Diary, patients can securely share data with the research team. 

This allows the doctor to know what is happening with his patients, how they are reacting to the medicine and whether they are satisfied with the results.

Intuitive and scripted visit model

eOStm provides researchers with the ability to manage medical records transparently and securely. 

Our system makes their work comfortable and automates the visit process.

Data flows faster and researchers do not waste their working time. 

Randomisation and blinding of medications

Using modern randomisation modules, we ensure full control and safe blinding of the research substance. 

With eOStm, you can also track the history of a medicine and manage its distribution.

Full control over the course of the research

Case Report Forms, Informed Consent Forms, contracts and invoices all this and more in one system, always at your fingertips. 

One tool that combines appointment schedules and scripts, task lists for patients, doctors and researchers.

Dynamic creation of analyses and reports

With dynamically created analyses and medical reports, the system provides the ability to quickly and efficiently verify key research data.

Security and FDA compliant change tracking module

Every change to eOStm is monitored by Audit Trial mechanisms, making it compliant with medical systems requirements adopted by the FDA. 

You will absolutely not miss anything. 



Full control of the treatment during the clinical trial.

Reduced number of visits

Fewer face-to-face visits and better communication with the doctor

Everything in one place

Data on your medical history, the course of your visits and your doctor's recommendations in one place

Clear plan

An integrated, clear and readable medical action plan

Monitoring of health status

Monitoring of the patient's health at home

Important reminders

Generation of alerts and notifications e.g. reminder to take medication

Continuous analysis of results

Analysis of health results based on measurement history and set indicators

The patient is the most important, because it is only thanks to him that we know whether the tested medicine works.

Our priority is to care for his comfort and safety.

Doctor / Researcher

Less paperwork in clinical trials.

Intuitive visit model

An intuitive and scripted visit management model that enables greater automation of the entire operation

Complete documentation

Complete and compliant medical documentation according to the Investigator's Brochure in one structured place

Deviation reporting

Automatic reporting of protocol deviations

Schedule of dates

Schedule management of key dates

Simple communication

Simple communication with other members of the research team

Real-time management

Real-time monitoring and management of each stage of the research 

Each of us has a role in the clinical research process. Let the research team do what they do best and we will take care of the documentation workflow.

Clinical Research Associate

Safe administration in clinical trials.

Monitoring of changes

Intuitive and clear interface to control changes in the scope of the research

Randomisation of clinical trials

Management of randomisation of the clinical trial according to the accepted research protocol

Configuration of statistics and analyses

Configure any medical statistics and reports related to the clinical trial process

Dynamic analyses and reports

Dynamic creation of analyses and reports based on collected data

Data security

Data security (physical, system, legal and logical)

Monitoring of medicines storage

Monitoring the stock of medical research substance in one system

Discovering the new and looking for innovative solutions is one thing, but being surprised is another. 

With us, you can be sure that nothing will interfere with your plans. 


Process automation in clinical trials.

Several projects at once

Managing several projects and large patient groups from one system

Key notifications

Grouping notifications and personalising their settings

Deviation reporting

Automatic reporting of protocol deviations

Reduced patient drop-outs

Improved patient retention

Forwarding and management of medication distribution

Dynamic creation of analyses and reports based on collected data

Digital project management

Change tracking module according to FDA guidelines - Audit Trial

With us, everything works on time, safely and automatically. 

Just consider it done and think about your next project.

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