eOStm is being built by a world-class team of specialists with input from leading research and development, academic and technology organisations. 

We are equipped with different experiences, areas of expertise and perspectives, but we are guided by one specific idea.

The patient will not be helpless.

eOStm will not cure patients, but it will give researchers the data to successfully create a new medication.

It will provide patients with an appropriate level of access to information and assist in the management of medical treatment.

eOStm creates a new model of patient-doctor communication that is more efficient, more precise or simply more accessible. 

So that patients no longer feel powerless and the whole research process becomes safer. Both for the patient and for the principals of clinical trials.

Research and development 

Due to the high potential and innovation of our solution, in May 2020 we received funding from the Netrix Ventures programme in the amount of 1.5 million PLN. 

Our company took advantage of the opportunity to obtain EU funding, which allowed us to adjust the capabilities of the system to the needs of our customers while maintaining the highest quality and efficiency of individual technological processes.

Our perspective

We do not limit ourselves to the here and now, but also look to the future. 

Our vision is based on supporting healthcare in a modern way by providing innovative digital solutions that change the way medical processes work. 

In our business, we look ahead by focusing on the long-term development of technology in medicine.


Start of commercialisation of eOStm in SaaS model.


Making the system available to the first Medical Centres. Start of execution of Clinical Trials with the help of the eOStm System.


An integrated database of ongoing and planned clinical trials.

Health monitoring from the patient's home.


All CROs, research institutes and doctors benefit from digital solutions.


The solutions developed will be implemented in clinics, outpatient clinics and hospitals throughout Poland.


eOStm will become the medical standard for patient care at national level integrating all members of the health service.


Let us look together at the future of health care. 

If you are interested in new developments in global medicine, you will find a lot of information on innovative solutions for the healthcare field in our free report.

An 80-page study indicating directions for the development of health care.

From now until 2040.

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Mahatma Gandhi

Be the change you want to see in the world.

New medical models and technologies are being born before our eyes. Interoperable data driving medical artificial intelligence, IoT, autonomous devices, brain-computer interfaces, biome sensors, gene editors, personalised therapies are all happening now, not a song of the distant future.

Technology will change medicine as it has changed other areas of life. This applies to every part of it: patient, doctor, researcher, clinic or hospital. 

You can take part in it or passively watch.

The choice is yours.

Download the Investment Prospectus and become the change.

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